Featured Shop: Fennec Design

Our names are Joelle Workman and Justin Arawjo, and Fennec Design is our line of apparel and accessories. We specialize in hand-pulled, screenprinted goods featuring our unique style of original illustration and design, and we pride ourselves on using non-toxic, water-based inks, sweatshop-free apparel and recycled paper goods as the starting point for all of our pieces.
Fennec began in the fall of 2010. We were living in West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, adrift in the milieu of twenty-something indecisiveness and in the midst of a particularly memorable stint as seasonal workers at a haunted house. Justin had been screenprinting part time for the better part of a decade post-college, and I couldn’t sit near a piece of paper or stray napkin without doodling on it. We didn’t anticipate that our first collaborative t-shirt – designed for a band we were playing in together – would elicit such a positive response. Four years, several moves, and more than a hundred craft fairs later, that single design has served as the catalyst for an ever-expanding collection.

On any given day you can find Justin in the studio, audiobooks in the background, pulling screen after screen (and drinking cup after cup of coffee). I’m usually bent over my desk, inking the finely-detailed pieces that will eventually be burned into a screen. Rather than strict divisions of labor, we both enjoy the complicated and rewarding challenge of a truly collaborative process; most of our pieces are drawn together, with each artist contributing elements to the overall design.

SUNFLOWER4KIDS...Sustainably design clothing for kids

It is too funny to work with our kids to make new items for our ETSY 'SHOP...



The feedback you've been waiting for

"You did a great job. This is exactly what I was hoping for. I wouldn't change a thing. You completely nailed it, it's fabulous."
Of course, that's not feedback, really. It's applause.
Applause is great. We all need more of it.
But if you want to improve, you should actively seek feedback. And that feedback, if it's more than just carping, will be constructive. It will clearly and generously lay out ways you can more effectively delight your customers and create a remarkable experience that leads to ever more customers.
If you're afraid of that feedback, it's probably not going to arrive as often as you'd like it to. On the other hand, if you embrace it as the gift it can be, you may decide to go looking for it.
Empty criticism and snark does no one any good. But genuine, useful, insightful feedback is a priceless gift.
Applause is good too.

Feedback is Apersonal opinion, no 1 has the same...


bags are back...

We have got again our tote vegan leather bag available in our ETSY ' SHOP

The Metrowalker Messenger bag for women

Minimal and Modern design

build to resist

soft and strong

Different from the other bags

Its minimalist design is reinforced by the choice of material used, a very sturdy higth quality Pvc , usually used in nautical furnishing.

It is perfect as city bag, really comfortable with zip closure and large adjustable strap.

available also with black buttons

- Pvc
- Zip closure to secure your contents. 
- Dimensions approx. W 11" (28cm ) H 12" (30cm) D 5" (13cm)
- Adjustable strap's length
- panel pocket inside perfect fo money, ipod, card,keys...
-fully lined in black cotton fabric