To be an Etsy' seller...great value on Handmade market

Start with a tribe or community that in fact does value what you do. And then do an ever better job of explaining and storytelling, increasing the perceived value instead of lowering the price. (Even better, actually increase the value delivered). When you don't need everyone to buy what you sell, "it's too expensive" from some is actually a useful reminder that you've priced this appropriately for the rest of your audience.

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Never give up...

Two ways to listen

You can listen to what people say, sure.
But you will be far more effective if you listen to what people do.


La Grande Bellezza...

We are so Happy and Proud for the Oscar for Sorrentino "la grande bellezza"...
The big Beauty of Italy, Roma and our way of life...all the virtues and vices of italians...


Some more info about us...

SUNFLOWERDESIGN has been entirely self-funded. I’ve invested a lot of sweat equity into what I’m doing and for years invested every euro back into the business. We’re now running profitably and hope to continue to as we grow. Our philosophy is: if you don’t have the money to spend, you shouldn’t spend it. Perhaps it means our growth is slower than that of someone who takes on a large amount of loans or venture capital, but it means we’re growing at a rate we can successfully manage and we’re always profitable.


i like ...5% discount

Hi Guys,
For everyone who will click I LIKE  from our ETSY front page will receive a coupon code for a special 5% off on the next purchase...


Just number

just some number of our 2013  on ETSY ...

- 88000 view
- 7200 favourites
- 80 new items listed on Etsy
-1000 convo from our customers
- our best country: USA (THANKS!!!!!!!!)
-our second best country: Germany (Danke!!!!!)
- where we want make better? our Italy...
-news: our new s kid's clothing shop on ETSY


Genoa ...Our location

Expo' Area is our perfect location where we can take the pictures for our shop and blog...
This area ,called  Porto Antico, was designed by Renzo Piano, architect of London's iconic Shard, so as you would expect it has panache. The first attraction I looked at was the Genoa Aquarium, with its brand new, Piano designed, Cetaceans pavilion. This is a spectacular split level structure with a 24 metre glass wall which lets you see the movements of these beautiful mammals.